Version 1.0

Released Date 11/11/2021

Last Updated 13/12/2021

Francisco Javier Granados Ortiz, Francisco Manuel Arrabal Campos, Alejandro López Martínez

Holders of the exploitation rights
Universidad de Málaga y Universidad de Almería


Software for estimating the porosity of anti-insect meshes based on their three-dimensional shape. Traditionally, porosity has been estimated only in a two-dimensional way, omitting the impact of the interlacing of yarns in anti-insect meshes, this being really a three-dimensional structure. With Poro3D a much more realistic estimation of porosity is achieved, taking into account the way in which the threads intertwine, the thickness of the mesh, and estimating the volume that the threads occupy. From the diameter of the threads, spacing between threads, mesh thickness and type of overlap between threads (input parameters), these three-dimensional and two-dimensional porosities (output parameters) can be estimated. Three-dimensional and two-dimensional figures of the estimated interlacing of the threads can be generated. In addition, the software allows the use of .txt data exported from the Euclides software developed at the University of Almería.


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